Welcome to the home of the Academy of First Response. The Academy was formed in 1997 in response to a growing need for quality EMS education in the Monadnock region of southern New Hampshire. Started by the Director, David Hall (see his profile on the Faculty Page), the first few years saw most classes run close to home. This was a part time endeavor; all of our instructors held full time EMS jobs elsewhere. As the Academy's reputation grew, we found our workload increasing. Students were traveling further and further to take our classes. Although the school is still based in the small town of Greenfield, our programs are being held in an ever-increasing area. We are truly a "school without walls"; we bring our programs to you. Today, we have full time staff. We offer full programs at the First Responder, EMT Basic and EMT Intermediate levels. We also offer many short classes in First Aid, CPR and a large number of "continuing education" modules in a wide variety of EMS topics. Please visit our calendar page to see our schedule of upcoming classes. If your Fire Department, EMS squad or business is in need of training, whether a full EMT class or a few hours of CPR or continuing education, please contact us.

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Lastly, the Academy is made up of seasoned EMS and Fire Service professionals who have been teaching for many years. Our students not only benefit from our instructor's teaching ability but also from their many years of field experience. We believe, and put into practice, that EMS can only be properly taught experienced EMS professionals. There is more information regarding the school on the About Us page. Please feel free to visit all areas of this site, including our new pictures section.

The pulmonary artery is the only artery in the body that carries oxygen depleted blood, all other arteries carry oxygen rich blood.

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