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About the Academy of First Response

The Academy of First Response is a school without walls. We are a group of EMS and Fire Service professionals who also teach what we do. As it said on the first page of this website, none of us are full time teachers, but all of us are or have been full time in public safety. Academy students benefit from their instructor’s many, many years of field experience.

The Academy of First Response holds its classes all over southwestern New Hampshire. We are approached by local Fire and EMS providers, industry and businesses and bring the school to them. Please visit our course information page to see what courses we offer. If you do not find what you are looking for please contact us by e-mail at info@nhems.com or call us at 603/547-2222. We will be happy to try to tailor a course to meet your specific needs.

The Academy of First Response is keenly aware how difficult adult education is. Most adults are employed full time or engaged in child rearing or both. Adding school to a busy schedule is not an easy task. We structure many of our programs around normal working hours. We also offer work place classes during regular work hours. We are flexible, and make every effort to meet your particular needs. Our student/teacher ratio is typically very low, it is our stated mission to prepare our students very thoroughly for the potentially life threatening situations they may face. Whether you are looking to start the road to a full time Fire or EMS career, a healthcare worker looking for CPR or First Aid, or a person simply seeking knowledge and preparedness for life’s emergencies, you will receive the same attention and thorough preparation from us. The common bond all the Academy instructors share is a true love of what we do, an enthusiasm we all look to share with you!

Please visit our faculty page to meet our instructors. There is a short biography on each of us listing our experience, qualifications and specialties.


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